7 Ways to Decorate with Trays

November 14, 2013

Photo by Vignette Design

I have always loved baskets, but I’m beginning to think trays have become their new replacement. They are great for storage, come in many different styles and materials and add greater dimension to table and countertop decorating.

Scroll down for ideas of ways you can use trays seasonally or all year long.

The Thanksgiving centerpiece above is so beautiful that you may want to leave it up the whole fall season.

Photo by Susan Jacobs

Wood on wood gives this table top a country feel. The stack of books reveal a bit about the taste and personality of the homeowner. What would be in your stack of books?

Prefer to keep your magazines handy? Me, too. The tulips make it feel less like functional storage and more like intentional design.

Photo by Turnstyle Vogue

A fantastic antique trunk looks great with this wooden tray filled with an eclectic mix of favorites.

Photo by Dana Nichols

Can you tell I’m a fan of wooden trays? What are your favorite things to use around a mix of candles: stones, pinecones, beads, seeds or greens?

Place a tray on an ottoman to protect the fabric. The turquoise vase with orange leaves gives a great color pop to this neutral room.

Photo by Houzz

I’ve thought of using a tray in my kitchen as a catch-all, but I love this look, especially with the addition of personal photos and glass cloche.

This tray was part of my $100 HomeGoods Happy purchases. I am definitely on the lookout for more trays to add to my decor.

Where do you like to use trays? Patio? Living room? Kitchen? Bath? Bedroom?

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