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I used to believe if something was out of sight then it was stored. You should have seen our mad-dash clean-ups before company arrived. Whew!

Too many hours spent looking for things after those mad-dash stash sessions led me to believe that organization is key to a happy home. Having grown kids and an extremely organized hubby helps, too.

Not only have storage containers become beautiful, but more and more out-of-the-box creativity gives us permission to use everyday items in unexpected places.

As the example above shows, this is the perfect time to find hanging planters on sale, and they are a great way to display your child’s stuffed animals and books. Do you have a creative way to organize your child’s toys that encourages them to clean up?

Another creative idea for bringing the outside in is putting a birdbath in the bath. I picture this in a guest bathroom with a pretty candle and extra toiletries to make visitors feel welcome and pampered.

Photo by Country Living

One of my favorite ideas came from Country Living. Do you have a doll house sitting in the basement or know a friend ready to put one in a yard sale? Snatch it up. Give it a fresh coat of paint, and use it as a shelf unit in your laundry or guest room.

Photo by HGTV

These file folders are too pretty to hide in a drawer. So this red dish-drainer is a fun way to enjoy their colorful designs while keeping them handy.

Photo by Shelterness

I use glass dishes and glassware to organize my makeup, but I may look for one of these.

It would be fun to find an office organizer to match your bathroom cabinets and keep your blush, gloss and nail polish easily accessible for quick touchups.

Photo by HGTV

I have a box full of beautiful teacups… memories of afternoon tea parties with my “Gram.” It may be time to put them into service as jewelry organizers.

This shower hanger-turned-wrapping organizer is pretty enough to decorate a wall in any craft room. Add an umbrella stand for extra rolls of paper, and you’re good to go.

You know what comes next… it’s time to tell us your favorite idea.

My favorite is the birdbath in a bath with the dollhouse shelves running a close second.

Tell us, do you have any out of the box storage ideas you’re willing to share?

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