7 Ways To Arrange Bed Pillows

February 16, 2013

(image via Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper, Pinterest)

Decorative bed pillows, love ‘em or hate ‘em? I happen to love them and the more the merrier, my husband, not so much. But you can overdo a good thing. Let’s look at a few ways to arrange them to keep everyone happy.

There are no set rules for arranging bed pillows. Anything goes. But I think ones personality comes into pillow play. Some people are messy, some are neat, some like exact order, some like a certain trendy look, some don’t want to be bothered. But, if you’re design conscious, bed pillows are that little extra luxury that make a bed so inviting and alluring.

Restoration Hardware, Beyond Drapery Limited

1. Stacked pillows. At least 2 pillows stacked flat on top of each other. Orderly, neat, no fuss, sleek and simple.

2. Standing pillows. At least 5 or more pillows standing on end. Can be in rows of largest in the back to smallest in the front. Mixes of Euro pillows and standard pillows with decorative pillows in front. Makes a big statement, stylish, and sumptuous.

3. Stacked and standing mixed. Lay stacked bed pillows flat behind standing decorative pillows in front. A great look, and sleeping pillows can be hidden a bit but still remain on the bed. Also see top image for this mix.

4. Rolled pillows. Add a short or long rolled pillow in the very back (look close) or front. The photo below from House Beautiful shows how they can add another interesting shape to all the squared pillows.

House Beautiful

5. Messy and mixed. For those that like pillows, but don’t mind the “throw and go” look. Casual, fun, easy, and simple.

6. Neat and clean. Less is more, usually less than 5 pillows, but they make a statement in their simplicity. Neat and orderly.

7.  Never-fail 5 pillow combination (king bed). Use 3 Euro pillows in the very back, then 2 queen or king standard pillows in shams in the next row, then one smaller decorative pillow in the very front. Always a great look and not too many pillows, but enough to look ample and stylish (and not bug your husband when you go to bed).

John Robshaw, www.casa.com

So whether you love them or hate them, if you love design, you can’t ignore them or the impact they make in a room. Find your comfort zone and make them a great eye catcher for a blissful bed that’s dreamy, defined, and divine.

Are you a plentiful pillow person, or a pared-down pillow person?

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