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The holidays are sneaking up on us and the house needs attention. Time to polish the tables, polish the silver, and polish up the cooking skills. Company’s coming!

Speaking of tables, how about a little table talk since that’s where it all happens. Dining rooms come in all shapes and sizes, so one size and shape of table doesn’t fit all rooms. What kind of table looks best in these rooms? There are rectangle, square, round, and oval tables. I say, let your room dictate the size and shape of table you use.

If you have a small square dining room, round tables (3 1/2-4 ft.) that seat 4-6 people look great in these spaces. Consider glass top tables to free up the visual weight  and increase the perception of space in the room. Also, armless chairs take up less space and have a more open feel in a small room.

If you have a larger square(ish) dining room, consider a large square or large round table. Seating for 8 works well for a large square table. Two on each side all around. Or 6-8 seats around a large round table (5+ ft.). Chairs can all match or mix them up a bit as in the top photo.

In a medium to large rectangle dining rooms, a rectangle or oval table works well. Depending on the size of the room, the table can seat 8, 10, 12 or more. These tables are the perfect place to get creative and match the two end chairs in a different style than the side chairs, or keep them all the same.

A few other dining details to consider…

1. Don’t buy a “dining set” of furniture. Mixed pieces, table, chairs, buffet/console, are much more visually interesting than a “set” of furniture.

2. Pedestal table legs will free up space to fit more people in, than corner table legs, and will be easier to get in, out, and around the table.

3. Buy tables with leaves to open up or close down to fit the occasion. A round table with leaves will open up to a larger oval table. A square to a larger rectangle.

4. Buy simple classic style tables. They will go with many styles of chairs and last many years.

5. Dining tables come in different widths. Check the width of the room to make sure the table will fit well with chairs around and buffet space.

The dining room is party central especially during the holidays. Major memories are made here with family and friends. And did I mention all those yummy dishes that have been passed down through the years, we’ve all waited all year to indulge in again. UMMM I can taste them now!

Dining rooms bring people together to make happy memories, so enjoy.

(Images and some designs by Cathy Mortensen Design)

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