Urban Glam Bedrooms

October 2, 2012
City apartment bedrooms can be pretty bleak spaces if you don’t take the time to dress them right.  I love the new urban glam style (an urban feel with a glamorous twist) which is focused on creating a soft place to land at the end of your hectic day.
I also love that this style works regardless of whether you have a small or large urban space.  The key is texture (and lots of it) to recreate  Hollywood’s glamorous bedrooms of yesteryear.
Here’s a fantastic example of an urban glam bedroom.  I love all the different textures that make this room feel so luxurious from the draped fabric around the chandelier to the wool-silk rug on the floors. A velvet headboard and satin bedding are beautifully combined to create a sense of total luxury.
And here’s a budget friendly bedroom that still has lots of urban glam.  The metallic color scheme combined with framed fashion magazine covers creates a fabulous focal point for this hip and glamorous bedroom.


A tiny room can become an urban glam retreat “just for sleep” so consider using one of the smaller rooms in your apartment just for your bed and store clothing and other personal belongings elsewhere.  As we learned in our small space, a wall-mounted headboard will save you valuable inches by allowing the bed base to be flush against the wall.

http://www.bcliving.ca/home/interior-design-tips-for-smaller-spaces(Image: Terry Guscott)

And for those lacking a separate bedroom at all, consider blending your bedroom furniture with the rest of your apartment and putting up a curtained divider to provide some privacy.  Love how this bed can blend in or disappear.

For a more masculine bedroom, try leather, suede, wool, flannel or lambskin to create that urban glam feel.


Grey can be feminine too — love the contrasting pillows and the way the soft pink throw is echoed in the photos on the walls.

So, that’s a glimpse of the urban glam bedroom- does your bedroom reflect your glamorous urban lifestyle?
As you can see it’s all about texture, so stop into your local HomeGoods store and find yourself some of these wonderful fabrics in throws, pillows, bedding and rugs.  Then be sure to show us your urban glam bedroom — we’d love to see it!

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