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“The room isn’t finished ‘til the drapes are hung”, someone said that, and I couldn’t find who. But it’s the truth. Window treatments/draperies do finish the room, so I say, don’t skimp on these very important design features.

I’ve been in homes and seen windows that could have so much more design impact. Windows are a focal point, and draperies, first serve a function, but can make a big statement in the feel of the room. So, by just adjusting how the drapery is hung, you get a custom designed look instead of ready-made. I’ve seen many hang draperies to cover most of the window. That’s fine if you want to limit light, air and view, but  I like to frame and expand the window to enjoy light, air and view.

In this illustration, you can easily see how hanging draperies up near the ceiling and out on the walls create a much better look for the windows, and the room as well. You can see how much more, light, air, and view, are revealed. The drapery placement frames the window, makes the window look twice as big, and lifts the room in perceived height. It’s kind of an optical illusion, but it really works wonders.

Here’s the same room, before we decorated and then after. As you can see, by hanging the drapery UP to the ceiling and OUT on the wall, the room looks much better.

I love the look of draperies hung up to the ceiling in 8’ or 9’ rooms. This is a custom designed look which enhances the volume and overall feel of the room.

If you have a patio door, and like the look of symmetrical drapery, instead of a one-sided patio panel, hang the drapery out on the wall (to clear the doors), and up to the ceiling. The door will look twice as big, and be a more dramatic presence in the room.

(above image from Calico Corners,     http://www.calicocorners.com/)

To keep costs down, hang stationary drapery panels up and out, and for light control on the windows, use blinds, shades, or sheers with the panels.

So, if you want a great custom look for your windows and want your room to reflect your good taste, try hanging those drapes UP and OUT. You’ll love how they’ll look from the inside out!

(Images from Cathy Mortensen Design, Calico Corners, Better Homes and Gardens )

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