Garden Gates Captivate

March 17, 2012

I like to take walks, as my form of exercise, because I enjoy seeing how people design,  decorate and define their public spaces. Most yards are pretty standard, but some are real “pace pausers” and compel you stop in your tracks and take notice. I often go to different neighborhoods, camera in tow, to get my walk in and be inspired by beautiful welcoming  entries. All of these images (except top one) are in and around my area.

With Spring coming on strong, I pulled together a few images I took of pretty garden gates that are starting to bloom with brilliance, and are lovely to look at (I’d love to see what’s behind that gate, if it’s that pretty from here).

What is it about a garden gate or archway that’s so welcoming and beckons you to walk through? It’s as if this portal of passage, christens one with importance and admits only you to the secret garden beyond. Once inside you are safe, and the outside world doesn’t exist anymore. Those were my fleeting thoughts as I tried to understand the captivation.

Of course, these are mostly cottage style homes and these garden gates fit that style of architecture which is always so charming, and I guess that’s part of the draw.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Do you have an affinity to garden gates and archways like I do? I find them to be positivatively charming and so inviting that you wished you knew the people that lived there, just so you could be invited in :)

I hope spring is beating a path to your door and that path always leads through a rose covered garden gate. Happy Spring wherever it takes you.

(top image via Wooden Garden Gates,

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