There are many different organizing styles and the key to getting organized and staying organized is to work with your personal style. This week’s post I want to focus on the “visually” organized.  You know who you are. You need to have your stuff out where you can see it.   But as things begin to pile up, you soon discover it all blends together and you still can’t find it.  The key is to “contain” your items, “like with like” in ways that will allow you to see what you have and to be able to find or put it away easily. Visual storage in the kitchen might look like this (above photo from


Martha Stewart’s Kitchen | via Design Chic

Or use a spare wall for open shelving above a counter top to store regularly used items out in the open.


Visual storage in the bathroom might look like this:

use the back wall of the medicine cabinet to hang things in clear view

And visual storage in the craft room might look like this:

Look around your house for clear containers that can provide creative visual storage for your craft supplies.

Organize cupboards and closets so that you can easily find what you need at a glance. Gift wrapping supplies can be seen easily with this door mounted rack

Okay, that’s just a few ideas to get your imagination going.  Now go to a room in your house that desperately needs to get organized.

Collect and group like items together.


Contain each group of items in a way that allows you to easily see it.


Don’t forget to use solutions that match the decor of your room for that magazine look.

Have other organizing questions?  Leave us a comment, we love to help!

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