It’s not yet spring, but somehow the start of a New Year is  an incentive for me to re-organize. You too?

Since January is often the season for bedding sales I like to start off with the linen cupboard  (top photo from  It’s an easy place to declutter and re-organize so why not haul everything out and start fresh by following these six easy steps!

1.Remove any worn or stained linens.  Consider donating  your old pillows, blankets, sheets and towels to your local animal shelter.   If they are in good condition (but not to your taste) donate them to a  homeless shelter.

2. Learn how to fold your fitted sheets so they lay flat.  This great photo tutorial someone emailed me recently is very helpful!

3. Store sheet sets inside the matching pillowcase. This makes it easy to keep complete sets of sheets and pillowcases together. They will stack more uniformly as well.

4. Fold all your towels the same way and stack them in the closet with the folded side facing out.

5.  Install some towel rods on the inside of your closet door for hanging your table linens. (see photo at top of post from

6. Place loose linen items like napkins and any non-linen items such as cleaning products, toilet paper etc.  in labelled containers.

Martha stewart linen closet

And of course, don’t forget to purchase some new linens to keep your beds, tables and towel rods looking their very best.

I’ve heard a rumor that bedding is going to be BIG at HG this month so go and check it out!

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