As a girl who enjoys flowers, candles, and beautiful throws a part of me has always been drawn to the romantic look of Victorian decor. So, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some fresh ways to add a Victorian touch here and there without having to fill our homes with velvet, lace, and flowered wallpaper.

I use doilies throughout my home. A bit of lace humors my feminine side. In the photo above the lace throw, doilies on the coffee table, fresh flowers, and floral pillows . . . all add a touch of romance without overpowering the room. Here Victorian meets Country Living and that suits me just fine!

I found this fall tablescape at Victoria Magazine. You’ll love their variety of topics that include favorite things, decorating tips, and even places to visit.

And I absolutely could not resist this beautiful placecard holder, perfect for your Thanksgiving table or with different flowers any time at all.

My searches led me to discover that a dining room sideboard decorated with fresh flowers is typical of Victorian decor. This dining room is a mix of Victorian and traditional design that is perfect to provide elegance to any gathering.

Do you love Victorian decor but have no idea where to begin?

Here are the sites I found to be very helpful in learning about Victorian decor in the 21st Century:

Now its time for you to tell us how you add a little Victorian romance to your home.

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