Not all of us can go off to Tuscany and remodel a seaside home like Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun, but we can bring a little bit of Italy’s beauty and romance home through color, texture, and accessories.

I visited . . . Wow! Talk about all things Italian. Go for a visit, you will find decorating tips, news, travel ideas, and recipes. You can even learn the Italian language. Talk about a one size fits all web-site!

This is a photo of a pottery shop in Italy. The rich colors give a festive feeling that make me visualize a large family gathered in a massive kitchen filled with fabulous aromas and laughter! Thanks to R. Crum for sharing this at PhotoXpress.

Sherry is an antique dealer who writes, No Minimalist Here. Her site is beautiful. This photo is from a dessert buffet which she hosted where she was able to feature some of her favorite Italian pottery. Beautiful isn’t it?

Another site I found is: where you can discover all suggestions for colors, furniture styles, textures, and accessories at Decorating Tuscany Style Kitchens.

Do you love all things Italian? Do you have a ceramic rooster in your kitchen or breakfast room? Does the thought of Italy make your mouth water as you consider their delicious wines and cuisine?

Tell us, how will you bring a touch of Italian beauty and romance home this year?

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