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Do you feel like you spend more of your awake time at your office than you do at home? Why not give your home-away-from-home workspace the same love you give your home! When the editorial … Continue reading


Doesn’t it seem like school just got out for the summer a few weeks ago? It is hard to believe that it is back to hitting the books already, and that means some of the … Continue reading


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You walk your student into their dorm room. The walls are drab. There are two twin beds, two desks, a linoleum floor and two tiny closets. Now what? I’ve been there. It’s hard to take them off to … Continue reading


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When it comes to moving in with your future life partner — in my case, my fiancé — there are some ground rules that must be laid down before all of the fun begins. For … Continue reading


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Company’s coming and the guest room needs a quick pick-me-up. So, off to HomeGoods to get inspired, stay on a budget and find something great. The room before (below) is pretty bland, boring and very … Continue reading


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Is there a big brown cow in your family room? It seems we all have them — those large, brown, leather sectional sofas that sit like overstuffed, worn in, comfy friends in our family rooms. We … Continue reading


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Need some decor inspiration for your new (or old) space? My new “Get The Look” series is the perfect place to visit for when you need some new design inspiration for your own home. First … Continue reading

Combining rough textures like the ones used in sea ropes or on monkey fist ball with soft aquas and sand colors, can create an interesting sea inspired atmosphere. Try incorporating elements that resemble those found in the beach like the silver coral in the tea candle holder or the ceramic seashell flower pot to emphasize the sea/coastal theme.

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You don’t need to live near the beach or in a warm, sunny place to update your bathroom now that summer is here. With some basic elements and accents (and perhaps a handful of paint) … Continue reading


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The hand-me-down dresser in your kid’s room is perfect. That coat of paint and touch of personalization were just what you wanted. But now you can’t think of a way to add a headboard that … Continue reading


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This week’s guest blogger is Courtney of A Thoughtful Place. She is also a regular contributor to our Happy by Design Pinterest page. Today is the day! I am crazy excited to share Dave and Jenny’s new master bedroom … Continue reading