A Seasonal Color Refresh for a White Kitchen

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Just because I love red accents doesn’t mean I don’t want a fresh change every once in a while. My kitchen is a neutral canvas of white, charcoal and brick. When we renovated the kitchen a … Continue reading

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This time of year is the perfect weather for an outdoor picnic. No need to pack a tote bag and drive to find a spot to enjoy one — invoke the feeling of a picnic … Continue reading


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It’s hard to believe that Father’s Day will be here in a few short weeks. It seems like yesterday we were just celebrating Mother’s Day. Whether you are buying for your own dad, your kiddos’ … Continue reading


Photo by Four Generations One Roof

I am so fortunate to still have my best friends from high school in my life. There were six of us total all through elementary and high school that formed a bond that is stronger … Continue reading


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Graduation season is just around the corner. Hosting a celebratory gathering can be as easy as inviting friends over for dessert. Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with a dessert buffet table that is pretty and organized, … Continue reading


Photo by Ivy de Leon

We are getting ready for celebration season. The next few weeks will be busy with birthdays, graduation and Mother’s Day. With some help from my daughter and HomeGoods, celebrations will be a little more special in the … Continue reading

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Candles 2

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Let’s be honest, what do you love the most about getting a gift? I have to confess that the thing I love the most is the originality of it and knowing it was a well-thought-out … Continue reading


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You know the feeling. You are shopping at HomeGoods perusing each aisle when you round the corner and see it on a shelf. It can be something bold, something subtle or maybe something that is … Continue reading

Mother's Day Spring table high res-9

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and living with both my mom and gram, we tend to have a little bit of chaos in the house. All three of us tell all of the … Continue reading

House Cleaning Feature

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I don’t like to clean. And I really don’t care for spring cleaning. I don’t have a passion for spotless. Dust bunnies are allowed residency until they over-populate — at which point they get their eviction … Continue reading

Spring Table Setting 2

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In my mind, bright and happy colors have a strong connection with spring. Anything that brings me out of the blue and puts a smile on my face deserves a special place on my dining table. Now that … Continue reading

Upper Cabinets 1b

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Kitchen decor doesn’t always come first in our list of priorities and, more often than not, a beautiful flower arrangement or a couple of jars will suffice our eyes. For those of us that have lower … Continue reading