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It’s always interesting to see how just a few accessories can easily transition and impact different rooms in the house. By changing out five key accents, seasonal or permanent change is easy and budget-friendly. I like … Continue reading

5 Items for Living Room 3

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An inviting and clean design is how I envision a cozy atmosphere. There’s always something magical about a place where you can feel welcome or one that takes you to a memorable moment. Perhaps that “something” … Continue reading


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As much as I love decorating with color, there’s something very relaxing, refreshing and calming with easy-on-the-eye neutrals. “But neutrals are blah, just plain boring,” you say? Not at all! The secret to decorating with … Continue reading


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We all enjoy rooms with architectural details like fireplaces, picture windows or built-ins. These are focal points in a room to arrange furnishings around. But how do you design a room without these architectural aesthetics, … Continue reading

Fashion to Furniture 2

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Now that New York Fashion Week has wrapped up, I am excited to bring one of my favorite runway trends straight to your living room: neutral tones. This year, neutral tones, paired with black and … Continue reading


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American style in home decor is more popular than ever. Some may immediately think of denim and stripes or red, white and blue colors. However, American style is much more. It is a lifestyle with … Continue reading

Pimp your Cube and get #DesignHappy @Homegoods

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Do you feel like you spend more of your awake time at your office than you do at home? Why not give your home-away-from-home workspace the same love you give your home! When the editorial … Continue reading

Checklist 1

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Although it’s been a while since I went to college — really it was yesterday! — I still can remember how great it was and the feeling of having my own space to personalize. Color was the one … Continue reading


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When it comes to having your dream closet, it can be a daunting task — especially if you’re trying to reinvent your existing one. Here are some quick steps on how to revamp your closet … Continue reading

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School has started in many places, and it’s back to that dutiful deed… HOMEWORK! Love it or hate it, it always helps to have a designated study space for kids to focus, concentrate and feel … Continue reading