Pumpkin - It's Not Just for Pie n

Pumpkin: It's Not Just for Pie

October 8, 2014
So you're not ready for cold weather, but be honest, you love pumpkin season. I'm a huge fan of pumpkin pie. But why stop there? Pumpkin is readily available, inexpensive and it's so good for you. So, ...Continue reading

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Whether it’s a colleague, a neighbor, the babysitter or your best friend, a gift of “light” is the perfect way to wish them a holiday that is merry and bright! Today, I’ll help you pick … Continue reading


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When it comes to incorporating leopard prints into your home, it can become a little tricky — you definitely don’t want it to look like Tarzan is living there. For me, the easy solution is … Continue reading

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The season of giving is close at hand and inexpensive, personalized gifts are sometimes hard to find. So, gather a few things together in a gift basket, box, jar or any creative container that you’ll … Continue reading


Preparing for Thanksgiving can be exhausting. Lets face it, you have to prepare the menu, shop for the food, clean the house, set the table and oh, don’t forget cook the food! I am exhausted just thinking about it! Today, … Continue reading

Gift Baskets

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Don’t you just love getting a gift that has a theme and is full of surprises? Me too! That’s why I love making gift baskets. I enjoy thinking of the recipient’s favorite things and then … Continue reading

OB-console table

  I’m sure you have shopped at HomeGoods in search of one thing and then found something unrelated you cannot go home without. That’s what happened to me recently. Case in point: this acrylic table. At 37 inches wide, it’s a small table with … Continue reading


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Thanksgiving place settings can be elaborate and detailed with your best flatware and most elegant stemware, or it can take a more rustic approach with simple dishes and subtle touches. Some of my favorites are … Continue reading

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There is no better time than Christmas to express some gratitude to the people you care for the most. While a shirt or the latest iron won’t precisely express those sentiments, a well thought out … Continue reading


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HomeGoods is the perfect place to get all of your holiday gifting out of the way this season. When it comes to buying gifts for my hostess friends, HomeGoods has tons of great, affordable options … Continue reading


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Thanksgiving is the optimal time to set a tantilizing table. Let those creative juices flow and pull out all the stops, as well as the good china, crystal or whatever else you have. But, have … Continue reading