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I love to change the look of my bedroom for summer. There is something that feels so fresh about bringing in a new color or pattern for the season. I have white bedding on my bed ...Continue reading

Doesn’t it seem like school just got out for the summer a few weeks ago? It is hard to believe that it is back to hitting the books already, and that means some of the … Continue reading

This Garden is for the Birds

August 26, 2014

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When I started revamping my backyard garden, there was one thing that I knew would shape my decisions, and that was the birds. The hummingbirds — who are frequent visitors here — are my favorites … Continue reading


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This year, a traditional family vacation for us has not been possible. Work obligations and family schedules have prevented us from traveling far away. Instead we are looking forward to a “staycation”: a vacation at home with a … Continue reading


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You walk your student into their dorm room. The walls are drab. There are two twin beds, two desks, a linoleum floor and two tiny closets. Now what? I’ve been there. It’s hard to take them off to … Continue reading


Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design

As the saying goes, “Summer summer fruit, it wouldn’t be summer without them.” And it’s so very true! Why not let fruit inspire some fun color for the kitchen? I’m working on a project featuring some … Continue reading

Instagram bloggers

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For some time now, I’ve been following the Instagram accounts of lovely bloggers who have a great eye for design and love HomeGoods as much as I do. These accounts are filled with inspiration, and some of them … Continue reading


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When it comes to moving in with your future life partner — in my case, my fiancé — there are some ground rules that must be laid down before all of the fun begins. For … Continue reading

Places for meditation at home. #HomeGoods #DesignHappy #Meditation

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Do you find it difficult to sneak in a little quiet time without having to hide in the bathroom? You’re not alone (pun intended). Creating a place where you can turn off your automatic mind … Continue reading


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It’s been years since I last set up a lemonade stand in the front yard and drank cup after cup of that tart sweetness with the neighborhood kids while waiting to make our fortune, one … Continue reading


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Now that you have found your first apartment out of college, it can be a little overwhelming. Turning your apartment into a home will take time and money. Instead of breaking your budget, shop smart, make a floor … Continue reading