A HomeGoods Inspired Bridal Shower

March 31, 2015
My wedding is next month in Napa (more details here) and to prepare properly for my bridal shower, my sister and I stocked up on everything HomeGoods. From cupcake stands to picture frames we used ...Continue reading
Mother's Day Gift Ideas Candles 2

Photo by I Don't Know How She Does It

Let’s be honest, what do you love the most about getting a gift? I have to confess that the thing I love the most is the originality of it and knowing it was a well-thought-out … Continue reading


Photo by French Country Cottage

You know the feeling. You are shopping at HomeGoods perusing each aisle when you round the corner and see it on a shelf. It can be something bold, something subtle or maybe something that is … Continue reading


Photo by Cathy Mortensen Design

What inspires a direction for room decoration? Anything can, even a change of season. Buds, bulbs and blossoms are enough to inspire any decorating endeavor. I had a room that needed to bloom. So, I tried to … Continue reading

Mother's Day Spring table high res-9

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and living with both my mom and gram, we tend to have a little bit of chaos in the house. All three of us tell all of the … Continue reading

Happy Home Workout Spaces

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There’s no subtle way to put this. It’s time to prepare for bikini season! I believe beautiful surroundings inspire our best work — whether intellectual or physical! Creating a lovely place to work out might be all … Continue reading


Photo by HomeGoods

I can’t stop thinking about ways to decorate outdoor spaces. Whether you have a balcony or a large patio space, there are tons of ideas to incorporate color without overdoing it. I love going with a cohesive … Continue reading

bathroom 4gens1roof 652x355

Photo by Four Generations One Roof

Does anyone else love a bright, welcoming bathroom? Personally, I am not a fan of bathrooms in public places (in fact, they gross me out). But in my own home or when visiting friends, I love … Continue reading

photo (195)

Photo by Ivy de Leon

Wedding season is here and love is in the air! We couldn’t be happier for the special couple starting on a new path together. Let’s also not forget the couple who is celebrating an anniversary. … Continue reading

House Cleaning Feature

Photo by Deb Wolf

I don’t like to clean. And I really don’t care for spring cleaning. I don’t have a passion for spotless. Dust bunnies are allowed residency until they over-populate — at which point they get their eviction … Continue reading


Photo by French Country Cottage

Spring is here and along with the flowers blooming, the birds singing and the warm sunshine, spring brings thoughts of relaxing and entertaining outdoors. But something always seems to happen to the patio in winter, and come … Continue reading