In preparation for some upcoming travel I’ve been clearing out some old files of travel memorabilia.   We had a lot of old maps hanging about and instead of just tossing them I decided to look for some creative ways to repurpose them.  One of the best ideas is adding them to my gift wrapping supplies.  I think they make GREAT wrapping paper! But here’s a few more ideas you might like.


2. Turn it into a gift bow:

If you are crafty you’ll enjoy turning them into bows by following this tutorial here.

3. Frame It:

If it’s a map you kept for sentimental reasons, you might want to frame it like this.


4.  Make a Photo Mat .

Use it to mat a corresponding photo from that location.   You could do this on a scrapbook page too!


5. Drawer-liners.

Old maps can make great paper liners for old drawers.  just follow this tutorial here


So what do you do with your old maps?

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